The Future Fire Review Group

by | February 25, 2014

Finding reviews of new books — especially indie books — can be a trying task. The Future Fire is a small press and indie reviewing group dedicated to creating thoughtful, engaging reviews of fantasy and science fiction books of all sub-genres.

Unlike many review groups, which will avoid controversial subjects, the Future Fire takes a stance of reviewing all types of speculative fiction. The primary focus of this group is to write reviews of books covering political and social issues and its relation to the speculative fiction genre, making it unique in the fantasy genre.

This group also favors critical reviews, for those who are interested in seeing more than a light summary of a novel. Reviews are formatted in such a way to give a light description of the plot as well as a discussion on the social-political issues covered in the book being reviewed.

The Future Fire was established in 2008 and releases 1-12 reviews a month.

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