Welcome to Fantasy Book Watch

by | February 25, 2014

From the wizards of Hogwarts to the Wizard of Oz, fantasy is a genre of books designed to capture the imagination and bring mysticism and wonder to the mundane world. Whether you want to escape from the real world altogether or find a little magic right down the street, there’s a little bit for anyone who wants to use their imagination.

Fantasy Book Watch is the product of an author’s love of the fantasy genre. You’ll find anonymous reviews written by the Lady Scribe, important announcements regarding the business of traditional and self-publishing (in the fantasy genre), new book announcements, author news, and anything a reader or writer of the genre might find useful.

On occasion, when the Lady Scribe can get the appropriate permission, you’ll even find things like cover art releases featuring the best of fantasy art.

For now, be welcomed and enjoy exploring the wide, magical world of Fantasy.

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