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by | March 4, 2014

When I grew up, the internet was something for the rich, and everyone else went to libraries and bookstores to find something to read. After falling in love with the fantasy genre in fifth grade, I spent an unusually high number of hours browsing for titles anywhere selling books.

Back in the day, covers, authors, and publishing houses sold books. Leading the pack for me was Tor, currently owned by Macmillan Publishing.

Tor was established in 1980, focusing on Science Fiction and Fantasy novels by Tom Doherty. In 1986, it was sold to St. Martin’s Press, eventually making its way to its current owner, Macmillan Publishing. Its original parent, Tom Doherty Associates, works with mainstream fiction and some genre fiction under the Forge imprint.

Once upon a time, Tor novels were labeled as Tor/Forge books, showing the relationship between Tor and its sister imprint Forge.

Today, Tor is one of the dominating publishing houses in the fantasy genre, and well worth a third, fourth, and fifth look. You’ll find authors including Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, and Jo Walton.

Tor remains a company to be watched, as its large popularity makes a notable difference in the trends of traditional publishing releases.

What sets Tor apart from many other publishing houses is its social media presence and website. has a lot of features, including a blog relating to the fantasy and science fiction genres, short stories available for anyone to read (at no cost), and news relating to the publishing house.

For those interested in seeing what Tor-Forge/MacMillan has to offer in the Fantasy and Science Fiction genres, you can check out MacMillan’s new release page. Some titles are so new in the system they don’t have covers posted online yet, so it’s a great way to see the latest offerings.

Just a word of warning, though: MacMillan’s newest listings tend to favor the hardback versions.

New & Upcoming Releases by Tor Books:

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