Flashback Friday Feature: Magic Kingdom for Sale — Sold! by Terry Brooks

by | March 28, 2014

Today, I’m going to a simpler time when escapes from reality could be purchased from notoriously-expensive wish catalogs. Terry Brooks’s Landover series won my heart sometime in the 1990s, as it let me really connect the real world with fantasy.

My very, very, very Christian mother didn’t approve.

I am pleased to present Magic Kingdom for sale — Sold! I’ve always been a sucker for epic fantasy — and epically fun, funny fantasy! Note: This novel blurs the line between epic and traditional fantasy.

After Ben Holiday purchased Landover, he discovered the magic kingdom had some problems. The Barons refused to recognize a king and the peasants were without hope. To make matters worse, Ben learned that he had to duel to the death with the Iron Mask, the terrible lord of the demons–a duel which no human could hope to win….

Books of the Landover Series:

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