New Release: The Dreams of a Dying God by Aaron Pogue (Epic Fantasy)

by | March 4, 2014


Aaron Pogue, author of The Dragonprince’s Legacy and Ghost Targets, is back with The Dreams of a Dying God, book 1 of The Godlander’s War, published by 47North.

Even for a charismatic pirate, three years is a long time to chase after an unimaginable treasure hidden in the ruins of an ancient city. But when the fabled riches turn out to be virtually worthless, the outraged crew mutinies and leaves their former captain for dead.

He is rescued by a mysterious king and transported back to a time of dwarves, druids, and fairies. Enchanting as it is, though, his only wish is to return home and find justice—but only the king has the power to return him…for a price.

Aided by a new and motley group of mystical creatures and misfits, he sets out on his quest, ultimately getting caught up in a war he wants nothing to do with—and in the process changing the course of history itself.

The Dreams of a Dying God released on February 11, 2014, and is 301 pages long. Its kindle release price is $4.99 and its paperback release price is $8.97.

The Lady Scribe’s Notes: The cover of this book drew my attention. It seems this book has been the target of some low star reviews. Judging from the sample, I’m not sure these reviews are justified, and felt it was worth featuring, as it’s a title I am interested in reading.

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