New Release: Box Set — To Hell and Back by Tim Marquitz (Urban Fantasy)

by | March 4, 2014

Author Tim Marquitz has released the first three books of his Demon Squad series as the To Hell and Back collection. This is an indie novel set.

To Hell and Back features the first three Demon Squad novels (Armageddon Bound, Resurrection, and At the Gates) alongside Betrayal (a lead in short to At the Gates) and the never before released Demon Squad short stories A Hell of a Way to Die (featuring the origin of Chatterbox ) and The Great Brain Robbery (featuring Frank in the Wild West.)

Frank “Triggaltheron” Trigg has lived in the shadow of Lucifer his entire life, but now that God and the Devil have abandoned Earth, Frank’s been left to his own devices, which is never a good thing.

The supernatural world’s punching bag, Frank must hold the line between mankind and the paranormal elements bent on staking their claim in the absence of divine rule.

Humanity is so screwed.

To Hell and Back was released February 11, 2014 and is 920 pages long. Its release price for kindle is $7.99 and its paperback price is $20.29.

The Lady Scribe’s Notes: I almost didn’t give this book an actual glance due to its cover. It didn’t really appeal to me, but I was curious what the blue and red things were, so I decided to take a closer look at the cover. At thumbnail size, I wasn’t really sure what they were.

So, in a clumsy move, I ended up seeing the cover, and kept reading the sample, and then the sample very pleasantly surprised me, so here we are.

I tend to judge books by their covers (to some degree) because with thousands of new releases every month, I can’t afford to open every single book in search of something exciting to read.

I’m glad I hesitated and took a look at this book…

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