New Release: Morningside Fall by Jay Posey (Post-Apoc Science Fantasy Western)

by | April 29, 2014

Morningside Fall by Jay Posey

Two-time novelist Jay Posey has released the second book of Legends of the Duskwalker series, Morningside Fall, published by Angry Robot Books.

The lone gunman Three is gone. 

Wren is the new governor of the devastated settlement of Morningside, but there is turmoil in the city. When his life is put in danger, Wren is forced to flee Morningside until he and his retinue can determine who can be trusted. 

They arrive at a border outpost to find it has been infested with Weir in greater numbers than anyone has ever seen. These lost, dangerous creatures are harbouring a terrible secret – one that will have consequences not just for Wren and his comrades, but for the future of what remains of the world.

New threats need new heroes…

Morningside Fall released on April 29, 2014 and is 512 pages long. It’s kindle release-day price is $5.00.

The Lady Scribe’s Review: I really enjoyed this book. I acquired it as an ARC. While I felt the first quarter of it was a bit slow, once it picked up its pace, it was a real nail-biter, blending science fiction, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, and western elements for a unique tale. While it doesn’t quite rank as one of my favorite books, it’s a solid 4* novel.

The cast of characters, including a very young Wren, make this story truly intriguing. I did find it took me a bit to get into the swing of Wren as the POV character at times, but otherwise found this to be a really enjoyable novel.

Recommended! (You may want to read Three first, but… be forewarned. The cast and characters differ between Three and Morningside Fall, and some readers may not like the changes…)

Morningside Fall is the second book of Legends of the Duskwalker. Three is the first novel.

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