Alpha by SM Reine (Urban Fantasy)

by | July 4, 2015

Fantasy author SM Reine has released Alpha, the third novel of the War of the Alphas, published by Red Iris Books.

No longer an Omega, Deirdre Tombs has found her animal. She only had to die and rise from her own ashes to discover it.

And she’s returned with a purpose.

For the first time in history, the role of Alpha is up for election. If Everton Stark takes charge, he could disband the ruthless government organization that has made life miserable for shifters like Deirdre.

One problem: Stark doesn’t want to run. He only wants vengeance against his wife, Rhiannon, who killed many of his followers and stole the Ethereal Blade.

While Stark is focused on revenge, Rhiannon is focused on winning the election for Alpha. Victory means tearing the Winter Court apart with civil war. It means riots. It means unleashing a deadly unseelie assassin that devours souls. Anything to get her dragon shifter mate in power…with Rhiannon at his side.

Alpha is 250 pages long and is available for kindle for ~$4.00.

Lady Scribe’s Notes: I’m on a roll this week. This is the second series I’ve jumped in on third book in. This one I’m a little more hesitant about due to the high number of POVs. I tend to prefer books with one or two POVs. This one has more, but the writing is just so engaging I felt it was worth a whole-hearted mention.

The book opens up with a bang, carrying through the sample with a lot of intrigue and action. There’s a lot of world building mixed in, something that really appeals to me. I’m also on a bit of a shifter kick, which may or may not have anything to do with the urban fantasy series I’m currently writing.

Still, this looks like a pretty good book and is definitely making its way onto my to-read list.

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