Welcome to Fantasy Book Watch. I’m Lady Scribe. I know, it’s obviously not my real name, but how cool would it be if I could run around with that on my name tag? Well, there are those who know who I am, but chances are, you’re not them, so let’s start some blatantly anonymous introductions, shall we?

I’m an author, and I love fantasy books and the publishing industry, be it traditional or independent. My regular website is all business, and wasn’t really designed to be a soap box for my love of all things books. But as the years have gone by, despite reviewing for some really awesome trad publishers, I wanted to do something more with books and less with the business of books.

So, I decided I needed to give myself Fantasy Book Watch for my birthday. It’s in May. So I started it a few months early, since what time is better than the present? Thus, I started this insane endeavor in February 2014.

Fantasy Book Watch is my way of showing off books I think are interesting. I tend to browse amazon (and other sites) searching for the next book I want to read. Before I feature a book on Fantasy Book Watch, I read the sample to make certain it is of reasonable quality. Who wants to read a book with so many errors in the sample that it’s no fun to read? I don’t. So, I do quality checks on my own time as I’m finding interesting new releases.

On Fridays, I will be jumping back in time, introducing blasts from the past in the form of Wayback Weekends. Not all of us are old, and there are some stellar books written and released 15+ years ago!

I will also be featuring convention announcements, important industry news important to readers and writers, and things like that.

Fantasy Book Watch will always be free of charge to the lovers of fantasy. That said, this site does cost money to run. If you find this site useful, considering dropping a tip in the donation box to help defray the costs.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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