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Lady Scribe here again.

Since you’re here, you probably want to talk to me about something. The easiest way to reach me is through my email, fantasy book watch @ gmail . com. (Remove the spaces. It’s my line of defense against the mean, evil spammers!)

If you’re interested in having a new release announcement posted on this site, please email me with the request as well as a sample of the novel. I select books by reading the sample. If I feel the book is well-written and intriguing, I’ll feature them.

If you’re interested in having me write a review of your book on the site, please contact me by email with a description of the book, the genre, and an excerpt from the novel. If the book catches my attention, I’ll ask you for a .mobi of the title.

I do not sell advertising on this site. Sorry!

Book tour groups can email me at the address above if interested in a book feature or new release announcement. Note: I do not include banners to tour groups or link backs unless I’m featuring a touring group, as this site is all about fantasy books. That said, if you’re interested in having your tour group featured as a way to make fantasy readers and fans aware of your presence, please drop me a line.

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