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Flashback Friday Feature: Dark Horse by Mary H. Herbert (Traditional Fantasy)

In 1990, TSR (Wizards of the Coast) released Dark Horse, a traditional fantasy novel by Mary H. Herbert. Unlike many traditional novels written at the time — especially by a company dedicated to roleplaying games — this book targeted females without it being about romance, although there’s definitely a certain amount of romance presence. This… Read more »

Flashback Friday Feature: Birth of the Firebringer by Meredith Ann Pierce (YA)

When I was two years old, in 1985 to be exact, Birth of the Firebringer was released. An intriguing, captivating story about unicorns, gryphons, and all of the wild, magical things in the world, this story is meant to capture the imagination of children and teens alike. But, this story is one that defies age… Read more »